Friday, September 18, 2020
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Insight Via™ Changes and Improvements

Feb 27

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Thu, 27 Feb 2020 10:46:39 GMT  RssIcon

DEKRA has deployed improvements, enhancements, and fixes to Insight Via™ safety management system. Please click, "Read More," for additional information. Feel free to contact us at 800-888-9596 with any questions.

(IV-2134) It is now possible to compare minor revisions of the same policy ID in Policy Manual Administration or QMS Procedures Administration. Previously, only two unique policy IDs could be compared. Removed text shows in red with strike-through font and added text is highlighted in green. The comparison can be made between edits made to the same version ID.

(IV-2790) Clients using Walkthroughs and custom permissions now have the ability to inactivate walkthroughs. The “Delete Walkthroughs” permission has no default roles. They can assign this permission to location edit and higher role users. They can also give the permission to individuals. When a user inactivates a walkthrough, a message will appear, “Warning: Clicking OK will delete this walkthrough and the findings attached. Do you want to delete this walkthrough?” Clicking OK removes the walkthrough from the grid. Deleting a walkthrough does not delete the associated incident investigation or corrective actions. Clients using Walkthroughs, but not custom permissions, will not have the ability to delete walkthroughs.

(IV-3900) We added columns for the location’s city and state to the Completed Audits Summary report in Report Library.

(IV-3914) We added a column for “Client” to the Incident Reporting Analysis sub report. The new column is visible when you view the Incident Reporting Analysis report in Report Library > Incident Reporting section. Then, click on one of the hyperlinks embedded in the report to view the list of incidents. The new “Client” column is found on the sub report.

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