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Insight Via™ Changes and Improvements

Jun 11

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Tue, 11 Jun 2019 10:29:51 GMT  RssIcon

DEKRA has deployed improvements, enhancements, and fixes to Insight Via™ safety management system. Please click, "Read More," for additional information. Feel free to contact us at 800-888-9596 with any questions.

(IV-2324) The parameter for selecting employees on the Employee Training History report in Report Library > Training section has been adjusted to allow users to select 1 or multiple employees. Previously, only one employee could be selected.

(IV-3553) We added a ‘hide position’ checkbox parameter to the BBS Compliance Goals Employee Drilldown report in Report Library > Behavior Safety section. This allows the company to hide the positions listed behind the employee’s name, if desired.

(IV-3632) The BBS Detail report has the option to view the report results in layers now. Layer 1 is the collapsed report showing only rows for the locations. Layer 2 shows the locations expanded to also display categories. Layer 3 is the same as expand all and shows the locations, categories, checklists, exposures, and ID numbers.

(IV-3637) The Employee Participation report in Report Library > Other Pages section has a new parameter, “Show Monthly Breakdown (1 year maximum)”. If YES is selected the report will show a column per month. If NO is selected or the time frame exceeds one year the report, will show combined totals as it did previously.  

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