Thursday, July 18, 2019
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Insight Via™ Changes and Improvements

Dec 5

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Wed, 05 Dec 2018 16:15:31 GMT  RssIcon

DEKRA has deployed improvements, enhancements, and fixes to Insight Via™ safety management system. Please click, "Read More," for additional information. Feel free to contact us at 800-888-9596 with any questions.

Report Subscriptions Improvements

(IV-3382) Previously when something was changed on a report the subscription no longer worked and showed an error message. Now reports with invalid parameters will be highlighted in red to draw the user’s attention to the subscriptions to fix.

(IV-3453) Another improvement relating to report subscription setup has been deployed. Names shown in red do not have an email address in the system. Additionally, a subscription cannot be set for those users. The following message was added “Names in red have no email address. Subscriptions will not be created for these users.”

Other Improvements

(IV-3310) A new column to show the shift on behavior safety observations has been added to the  Applications > Behavior Safety grid. If a company is not using the shift feature this column will not show. NOTE: Since this is a new column for this page, it will not be displayed by default. You will have to right click on the green bar (column headers), select Columns and then enable Shifts to be included. Once you save the grid settings it will be displayed each time you visit the page if the location you’ve selected is using the shifts feature.

(IV-3432) We added “Reviewed Observations” as a Participation Type on the Employee Participation report in Report Library > Other Pages section. When it is selected the report will have an additional column called “Reviewed Observations” to show how many reviews each user has completed within the other parameter selections. This is simply a count of reviews a person has completed. This is not a count of observations a user has entered that have also been reviewed.

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