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Insight Via™ Changes and Improvements

Oct 31

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Wed, 31 Oct 2018 05:40:24 GMT  RssIcon

DEKRA has deployed improvements, enhancements, and fixes to Insight Via™ safety management system. Please click, "Read More," for additional information. Feel free to contact us at 800-888-9596 with any questions.

New Features and Improvements

IV-3252 Add location to Non-Compliance Training Report In the Non-Compliance Training Report, once you set your parameters and View Report, the top grid lists the employee’s name and all their non-compliant classes. The bottom grid lists the class name and all the employees not compliant with that class. We had clients request to see the employee's base location next to their name. With the location now next to the employee’s name, when a client selects multiple or all locations, they can know which location these employees are based from.


IV-3262 Request to add Status to Investigate column on Incident Type grid Excel Export When a user selected an incident type and exported the grid to Excel, the export didn’t include the status of the investigation. This has been updated so now it shows the status instead of a blank column.


IV-3012 New Audit Report called Completed Audits Summary A new report is available in Report Library > Audits section called Completed Audits Summary. The Completed Audits Summary report is a flat, spreadsheet style report for completed/unapproved audits and completed/approved audits. This report will include form elements added to audits.

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