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Policy Manual and Password Improvements

Jun 12

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Tue, 12 Jun 2012 22:24:53 GMT  RssIcon

RCI has optimized the Policy Manual application to increase the load speed. RCI also added optional enhanced security settings for user passwords. Click "Read More" for additional information. Please feel free to contact us at 800-888-9596 with any questions.

(877) Policy Manual application: The “Hide Thumbnails” checkbox is now called “Hide pictures and buttons (speeds page load)”. This allows users to speed up Policy Manual by hiding buttons and pictures if desired.

(894) Now when a new user is added, the option is available to“Force user to change password on next visit.” This allows users to be set up with a generic password, but the new user must change their password the first time they log into the site.

(876) Corporate administrators may contact RCI personnel if interested in implementing increased password security settings. The optional password settings can include the following: days until expiration, requirement for one upper-case letter, requirement for at least one of these characters ( \ . + * ? ^ $ \ ( ) | { } ' # ! ), password cannot contain username, or password must contain at least two numbers. To reiterate, these are optional settings and must be requested. By default the password requirements will remain as before.

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