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Recent Site Changes and Improvments

Dec 19

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Mon, 19 Dec 2011 01:30:06 GMT  RssIcon

RCI has made a few improvements to Reports, Policy Manual, Quality Management System, Incident Reporting & Investigations, and Preventative Maintenance. Click "Read More" for additional information. Please feel free to contact us at 800-888-9596 with any questions.
Corporate User Information:

Please be aware, Business Unit (BU) selection options have been added to Policy Manual administration, Training administration, Incident Form Administration, CAP administration, and Employee Positions. If an end-user no longer sees a specific policy, incident form, training class, etc. double check the respective administration page to make sure the correct BU check mark boxes are selected. This feature will help large organizations keep BU specific information better organized.

We now offer the ability to regulate who receives alerts when an investigation is finished and/or closed. This puts more responsibility on the Region/BU/Corporate users who are required to finish and close out incident investigations. These settings are found under Programs C/ Incident Administration / Alert Admin.

You can now receive alerts for Incidents that exceed the critical value score for risk assessments on incident investigations. To set your company’s appetite for risk click on Administration C/Risk Assessment administration. Click on Programs C/ Incident Administration/Alert Admin to select users that will receive an alert when an incident investigation risk assessment score exceeds the set number. For example, if a Near Miss incident investigation risk assessment score = 8 and the Max Critical Value score =6, the selected users will receive an e-mail alert about that particular incident. This will allow certain users to only be alerted if high risk incidents occur. This alert does not have a limit on the type of incidents nor the number of people who receive the alert.

We have built a new Stamp application for your Policy Manual and Quality Management System. You can add custom Stamps to the headings that appear when a document is printed. For example, “***Control Document***” could be a new Stamp. When this new application is turned on it will automatically add your company logo to the header of every document as well. If this is an application your company is interested in using please contact an RCI representative to have them turn it on for you.

Information to All Users:

There is a new Incident report titled, “Detail List with Corrective Actions”. It displays the details of the incidents searched as well as the corrective action information related to each incident. This report can be found in the Incident Reporting section of the Report Library application.

There is a new Safety Climate report titled, “Safety Climate Data Dump”. This report does not show Business Unit and Region scores just the Location scores. This report can be found in the Safety Climate section of the Report Library application.

If you use the Driver Files Express application the forms have been recently updated.

A text search box has been added to the Preventative Maintenance application. Users can now search by Machine Name.

Please call RCI with any questions. 800-888-9596.

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