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Mar 1

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Tue, 01 Mar 2011 07:57:01 GMT  RssIcon

Many new changes have been made to the RCI site recently that you may need to be aware of, please read below. Feel free to contact RCI with any questions you may have regarding these changes at 800-888-9596.

My Links

There is a new tab on your Home screen entitled, "My Links". If Corporate created links to specific pages in RCI they have been moved to this tab. Also, you can now create your own internal and external links on this page. Type a Link Name and the Link URL (ex. Link Name: Weather Link URL: and click on the Add Link button. This is a nice feature to access RCI and other website pages that you frequently visit.

MSDS Report

A new MSDS report has been created in your Report Library. The "MSDS By Chem" report lists all the chemicals and the locations that have the chemical. This is only useful if you are a RCI user with access to multiple locations within your company.

Audit Changes

1. There is now a text box to type Audit instructions when adding or editing an Audit Type.

2. The Audit Teams page has been removed from the Corporate Administration tab. Now, whenever a user starts an Audit they select the employees on the Audit Team.

3. When completing an Audit, if a user enters an Audit Score less than the Max Value for the question a comment is required before they can save the Audit.


Users will now be logged off the site after about three hours of inactivity.

Assign a Supervisor

When adding or editing a user in User/Employee Administration, there is a new option to select their supervisor. This is found on the first tab, the User Info tab. This is optional but will be useful for feature enhancements.


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